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Anna Lippett Interiors has been transforming residential and office spaces for the past ten years, specialising in design for wellbeing.

Following successful renovation projects in London, Italy, Canada and USA, and qualifications from the National Design Academy, Anna Lippett Holistic Interiors  offers virtual and in-person interior design services to clients worldwide.

Today, Anna is a Reiki Master and uses colour psychology and Feng Shui to bring a deeper level of holistic design to clients’ homes and workspaces. She is also a regular guest expert in Homes & Gardens and Living etc magazines, speaker at interior design events, mentor and business consultant.

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“Let your home tell your story"

anna Lippett

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What clients say

“Anna's team's expertise and advice were invaluable in transforming our somewhat chaotic farmhouse into a lovely, relaxing, serene space.”


I came from a traditional interior design background (and a corporate career in health & wellness before that!) – both of which gave me great insight into the challenges felt by so many in their homes and workspaces.

Everything in our environment affects how we feel and behave. Every colour, image, material and how/where it is placed evokes a response.

When we consciously and intentionally design our space to support our goals, needs and desires, we create space for these to manifest.

We are able to consciously choose how we wish to feel.

Our expert team, have all been extensively trained in using intention, mindful decorating, colour psychology and elements of nature for health, happiness and productivity. 

As alchemists of style, function and wellness, we bring balance into homes and workplaces, and those who live and work in those spaces. We'd love to help you too.

Anna's Story

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I’m Anna. Mum, entrepreneur and curator of beautiful, mindful spaces. Sharing inspiration, design ideas and tips on holistic living.
My mantra: Everything is energy.

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