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Alongside building and scaling a successful wellness interior design studio and business consultancy, Anna has over 20 years experience leading sales and marketing teams to success across retail, health & wellness and design sectors. 

With the global wellness industry recently valued at $5.6 trillion, there's never been a better time to focus on wellness. Whether wellness is your core business or you're expanding into a wellness-based product or service we've a breadth of experience to support.

We have helped numerous businesses to stand out from the crowd, with authenticity and purpose. To find, convert and retain their ideal customers to drive growth and profitability.

  • Finding your wellness niche
  • Building an authentic and purposeful brand and offering
  • B2B sales, marketing and business development strategy
  • Strategic partnership and brand collaboration
  • Pitch and presentation coaching
  • Practice development
  • Client/patient journey

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Our consulting services:

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“You have shown me the value of trust in business and will always remain a major conributor behind my success and achievements” 

desh ru 
 CEo & founder 

Frequently Asked Questions

q: how does business consulting work?

A: We'll start by carrying out a business health check and advise how/where we feel we can add value, along with a fee estimation for each business area, so you have full transparency and the ability to focus on your priorities. We then agree the scope and expectations and begin the investigation and analysis phase leading to conclusions, recommendations and executing the action plan. We're a friendly, professional team and we pride ourselves in getting to know you and your business intimately and respectfully. We'll constantly be reviewing, seeking feedback and adapting. Openness, honesty and a can-do attitude from both sides is a pre-requisite! 

Q:  which business areas are your speciality?

A: Our team have decades of experience of driving growth in both small businesses and large global brands in the health, wellness and design space. Our secret sauce is in knowing how to find your ideal customers and how to sell to them, without them feeling "sold to".  To solve their problems, effectively communicate the benefits of your product/service and overcome their objections. To create purposeful B2B & B2C sales, marketing and business development strategies and processes that target, convert and retain clients. We'll lead, coach, support you and/or your team to sell like a pro and find strategic partnerships and collaborations you've only ever dreamed of!

Q: Isn't consulting really expensive?

A: YES, if you go for a big firm! Big doesn't mean better though. A lot of "consultants" haven't built or run their own business! Anna, our CEO and founder has built and scaled multiple businesses, alongside a long corporate career in health and wellness, and brings a breadth of industry and entrepreneurial experience to our consulting practice. Every business is unique and if budget is a issue, we can just focus in on a specific area in a short engagement. We've achieved huge shifts, in small businesses, in a matter of days!

Q: can you help me get my business off the ground?

A: Another big YES! We have helped multiple start ups (see Desh Ru in the green shirt above) and launched and scaled our own start ups, so you can be certain we know all the tricks, and pitfalls. We'll help you with business planning, branding, web design, business processes, sales & marketing strategy and coaching on team leadership, pitching, sales training - anything related to finding and converting customers! Whether you are a budding entrepreneur with a seed of an idea or you've launched and struggling to scale, we can bring a fresh pair of eyes, energy and experience to help you reach for the stars!