With your wellness at the core of our process, we'll explore how best to optimise your space and energy to feel and live well. Whether it's a little help elevating a room or a total revamp, we'll help you consciously create a balanced and harmonious space.

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Expert guidance on any aspect of holistic interior design to help you unlock the potential of your space, in a way that supports your mind, body and spirit.

We’ll guide you on décor, mindful design and how to elevate your space to enhance your wellbeing. Advice on colour, materials, space-planning, de-cluttering, furniture, lighting, accessories, where to shop and working with the elements of nature to raise the vibration in your home.

1:1 Video design session

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COST: £149 per hour 

If you're looking for help choosing a decor scheme and curating smaller items of furniture and accessories to elevate the aesthetic and vibration of your space, this virtual design service will provide a roadmap for your transformation.

Following a 1-hour virtual design session, we’ll create a click-to-shop digital mood board including décor colour palette and up to six items of small furniture and/or accessories. 

You’ll also receive personalised energy healing adjustments with customised crystal and room aromatherapy recommendations.

Consultation &
Digital Mood board

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COST: £699 per room*

If you’re about to embark on a self-managed interior design project, this virtual service will provide you with a full step-by-step guide and detailed design to transform your space.

Using our award-winning client collaboration platform, we'll  guide you on establishing your design direction, spatial planning, choosing décor scheme, furniture and optimisation of the flow of energy in your space.

We'll create a click-to-shop digital mood board, 2D floor plan, 3D video walkthrough with styling guide, full décor scheme consisting of wall/window & floor finishes, curated (non-fitted) furniture selection, feature lighting and personalised accessory recommendations specific to your space and intentions.

Virtual Design


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Cost: £1499 per room*

This signature in-home service commences with an extensive holistic interior design consultation in your home in which we will explore your intentions and desires for the space.

We'll carry out an energy clearing and assess the energetic needs for the space alongside style, function, layout, storage, decor scheme, furniture and lighting.

Over the following weeks we'll collaborate with you and project manage the full transformation to create a perfectly balanced and aligned environment that supports your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Aesthetically stunning, unique and intentional, each colour, texture, object, placement, aroma, and image is specifically selected and positioned to activate and harness the manifestation of your goals and desires. 

What's included?

✓ Energy space clearing and Feng Shui consultation in your home

✓ Set up and management of private Pinterest board

✓ Personalised project dashboard access

✓ 2 x Conceptual designs

✓ Click-to-shop digital mood board

✓ Access to exclusive trade discounts

The Signature in-home service is for clients wishing to work with a designer in-person to transform their home and life. 

in-home DESIGN transformation 

✓ Full décor scheme including wall/window & finishes, lighting, curated furniture and accessories 

✓ Feng Shui optimised 3D room layout video presentation

✓ Signature custom room aromatherapy

✓ Optional full service project management or DIY with step-by-step styling guide

✓ Prescribed healing crystal package

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Cost: Please enquire

*Costs are a guide only and may vary based on location, size of room & scope of project


"Anna was a brilliant help in designing our soulless new house. It had no character or personality and she transformed it into a super stylish, well thought out dream home!"

 Sb, berkshire

"Our home felt so chaotic before and now it’s a place we actually want to spend time!"

JG Manly, Australia

"Really appreciate all your ideas. My bachelor pad now feels like a home!"

DL Windsor

We start by getting to know you. Each project begins with an in-depth assessment of your wellbeing, lifestyle and style preferences. Together, we’ll explore the intentions, vision and desires you wish to manifest in your home.

Step one

Next, we explore how energy is flowing within your environment, before prescribing the holistic methods and interior design elements that will improve your home at a deeply personal level. 

Step two

We will then begin our co-creation journey to transforming your home. Throughout your project you’ll have access to a professional interior designer who will guide and support you through every step of the process. 

Step three

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